Terrorists of Romance

Terrorists Of Romance is an Indie Folk and Alternative Rock band formed in Barcelona in 2019.

Vanessa Salvi, composer and performer, of Italian-Norwegian descent is the creator of this musical project integrated by Francisco Ujaque “Kiko” (Musical director and bassist) , Pol Barberán (keyboards, synthesizer and guitar), Noel Campillo (guitar) and Sergi Karod (drums).

Vanessa started composing her debut album in 2018 dedicating it to her father who died in 2010. This work was published on September 13, 2019 and produced during that same year by Manuel Colmenero, a noted producer who has worked with artists such as Vetusta Morla, Shinova, Camilo Sesto among others.

Vanessa Salvi was born in Miami and raised between Switzerland and Norway. She began her career in Fine Arts in Boston. She than continued her studies in Florence, Rome and finished them in Barcelona, where she decided to settle. She is the director of the Blue Project Foundation and leads several reforestation projects with the NGO We Forests.

With the integration of the music producer and bassist Kiko Ujaque, the project developed towards a more alternative and raw sound, elevating the metaphorical meanings hidden in the lyrics.

About the Albums

The first album “After you left” is made up of 11 songs that make up an anthology in which Vanessa reveals some of her life stories with a touch of ironic romanticism in the form of letters to her father, such as her anxiety about being a mother with the song << My Little Man >>. << Always Choose Wrong >>, << Shine for Me >> and << Detox Me of You >> were the three singles of “After you left”.

In addition to a great reception from the public at the concerts, the press echoed strongly and they appeared in numerous media such as Mondosonoro, RTVE, Radio3, Mariskalrock, Musikalia, Europapress, Rockinspain, Beteve.

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic quarantine, Vanessa and Kiko composed new songs. Couple of songs that Vanessa had written years ago were also recovered and arranged to form part of the new EP, “LIKE KEROSENE” (2021), recorded at Estudi La Vall with producer Noel Campillo. The title of the EP makes a very clear allusion, due to the difficulties and instability that was experienced worldwide, on the same year in which these songs were finished. During 2020 the whole world was burned by the situation that existed due to the pandemic. It was like humanity was burning LIKE KEROSENE.

“LIKE KEROSENE” is made up of 5 songs in English and one in Spanish. << Shake Me Mad >>, << Black Sheep >> and << Lose Control >> would be the singles chosen to present the new work of Terrorists Of Romance. All three songs contain powerful sounds of furious guitars and bass, along with some solid drums and, of course, an elegant and passionate voice. The band is committed to a more organic and energetic sound in these songs, reminding us of groups like Garbage, No Doubt or even Foo Fighters. << Thosusand Pieces >> on the other hand, is a song where the band shows its Folky side. The ternary time signature, the banjo and the counterpoint of the choruses make this song a work without comparison in TOR’s repertoire. A warm and acoustic sound that reminds us to breathe in and let go of what is not for us. << Naufragio >> is the song with which the band debuts in Spanish. A breath of fresh air presenting a mix of Reggae and pop to the Spanish music scene. Here we can feel Vanessa with her sweet Spanish accent.